A Comparison of the

Book of Mormon

Manuscripts and Editions


Volume 2 $10.35

Leather $93.15

Paperback $12.42

The Inspired Version of the Bible

Published by Cumorah Books

Leather Bound

Book of Mormon Overview $6.21

Pocket Sized

1908 Book of Mormon Paperback  and Leather

The Endowment by Earl Curry, $5.18, 86 pages

 The Endowment Study Guide, $7.25, 266 pages

Volume 3 $10.35

Overview in Spanish $6.21

Small Plates Replica

Doctrine & Covenants

Published by Herald House

Hardback $20.70

The Endowment

Small Gold Plates Replica Paperweight

6" x 4.25" x 3.5" high


Volume 1 $10.35

Leather $41.40

Paperback Pocket $7.25

Overview, Pack of 10, $51.75

Paperback Pocket $25.88

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Behold My Beloved Son


Spanish IV $18.63

Single Copy $1.04

The Testaments $5

Gold Plates Replica

12.5" wide x 8" long x 6" high

Two brass plates with printed characters, remaining plates are composite material, two brass bands, three brass rings.

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Christ in America

3x5 66 page version of III Nephi

Leather $41.40

Behold $7.25


Leather $62.10

Book of Mormon Videos

Volume 1-First Nephi

Volume 2-Second Nephi-Enos

Volume 3-Mosiah-Alma

$10 each

Gold Plates Replica $258.75

1908 Book of Mormon

Published by Herald House

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The Testaments Video

60 minutes


Book of Mormon Foundation

RCE Leather with Tabs $31.05

RCE, Leather, No Tabs $25.88

Endowment Study Guide

Paperback $31.05

On Behalf of Christ's Gospel

Spanish Inspired Version

New Testament and Psalms

Paperback, Tandyland Ministries

May take up to 4 weeks to ship

Comparison $5.18

Pack of 11 $10.35

On Behalf of Christ's Restored Gospel


136 pages

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Inspired Version Of the Bible

Published by Herald House