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The Board of Directors at The Book of Mormon Foundation has felt an urge to promote the message of repentance within the Book of Mormon.
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Book of Mormon Reading Challenge!

November 19th-April 5th

Our Own Shepherd Experience

They were just common shepherds abiding in the field and keeping watch over their flocks by night.  Something they had done their whole life.  It was a still, calm and uneventful night.  And yet, the miracles prophesied around Christ’s birth suddenly captured their attention.  An angel appeared unto them and the glory of the Lord shone around them. They saw a heavenly host praising and glorifying God. It was pretty overwhelming and the magnitude of these events caused them to be “sore afraid.”  In the midst of their fear and amazement, they were told to “fear not” for the good news of Christ’s birth would bring “good tidings of great joy to all people.”  They must have believed the angel, as their fear was replaced with peace and joy.  These simple shepherds, as witnesses of the greatest divine event ever seen, said, “Let us now go, and see this thing which is come to pass.”  Today, we are now in the midst of our own shepherd experience.  Prophecies are being fulfilled more fully. The signs of Christ’s coming are all around us and our hearts are challenged by seeing the reality of these words, “Wherefore I the Lord, knowing the calamity which should come upon the inhabitants of the earth.” (D&C 1:4a RLDS) [D&C 1:17 LDS]  Just like the shepherds, it sometimes seems pretty overwhelming, and the magnitude of these events may cause some to be “sore afraid.”  Jesus knows the hastening of prophetic events, the distress of nations, the outpouring of evil and the abounding wickedness among us, would cause some to be afraid.  Like the shepherds, we are once again comforted by the good news of Christ’s coming and we “fear not.” The same peace and joy given to the shepherds long ago, is once again bestowed upon His people. Let us also prepare to “see this thing which will come to pass.” May the peace and joy of the shepherd’s experience be yours as we celebrate His birth and proclaim together, “Glory to God in the highest; and on earth, peace; good will to men.” Luke 2:14 

First step is to commit to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover.

Invite your family and friends to participate with you.

Download the calendar below .

Begin reading!  Or you can listen to the Book of Mormonhere.


Keeping Your Repentance Fresh